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Oct 02, Yesha rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks to author and Lola. How the prophecy was going to work and what Seth and Natti will do.

Rise of Set, Natti prisoner of Set and Seth on his constant effort of protecting Natti, but of course cannot change the destiny. With all that finding Name of Ra looked even more impossible.

Characters- Seth was overprotective, arrogant, and egoistic, even hid things from Natti that he should not.

Because of his overprotective nature lead him to do stupid things and gave Set a clue to how to find them. Till this point I was little disappointed by his actions.

But after that point I so liked him. She is main reason I have cut the stars. How much proof a person needs to start believing the things going on around her and take it seriously!

All she was whiny emotional teenage girl, that worked in wrong way except the end or during her visits in Duat. The only person I liked most in the book except Seth, was Anubis.

Set— most terrifying antagonist I have read in any book. This dude will achieve higher rank among villains. He made my blood boiling whenever I was reading chapters including this character.

When Seth said he was loyal to no God but only Natti, that dude just won my heart right there and then. Mythology, of course was best in the book.

It was new to me and so damn interesting. The whole tale by leader of scorpion was awesome. Such interesting tales makes me read this genre more and more.

In short, there was good amount of mythology. If the whole book would be like that I would have given full stars for sure. Humans are exactly like them only we lack is immortality and gifts.

But the end of the book, I guess that I predicted very early, may be in second book or before, I knew this was going to happen in the end but little differently.

Even though I enjoyed reading it. And that little twist about Ra and myth at the end, just loved it. I expected heroine stronger at least in this final book but she was not.

And Epilogue- I wanted to read more in that like what happened to Mandy and in temple of Setemple. Overall, fast paced, interesting mythology. Could be more good if heroine was strong and smart.

Even though, I enjoyed reading most of part of the book. I definitely like to read more from this author. Dec 15, Veronica of V's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book series is marketed to older teens, because it contains sexual content that is not always consensual.

The books are based upon a cult of followers of the ancient Egyptian god Set, the god of Chaos. Set, and his followers, have no respect for women and use their bodies for pleasure and sacrifice.

Seth is the son of the high priest of Set. He's been raised to believe that he was the next link in the ch 4. He's been raised to believe that he was the next link in the chain for power, and that raising Set from his half-life in the underworld of Duat would lead Seth and his fellow Sons to glory and power.

They are wealthy and careless, men, these Sons, enslaving women with chemicals and their innate Blessings--for Seth this is his Compulsion charm.

Back in Book One he was attracted to Natti, and learned even before she did that she was a Daughter of Isis, and the last of her people to be Blessed by Ma 'at.

Seth's father learned of her magic and wanted her for the ultimate sacrifice to raise Set. Seth stepped in the path of this destruction in Book Two.

Now, in Book Three, Seth knows he loves Natti--even if "love" is the antithesis of the Sons' teachings. Natti knows that she returns Seth's love, and entrusts him with ultimate power over her developing powers.

THis si a precarious position, becasue Seth is very much torn in his loyalites. His father is the most powerful Son, but his mother was an unknown Daughter of Isis.

He's a "cursed" and disowned by both sects. Good thing Natti's got enough love to shore him up. That said, all bets are off when Seth's father's able to raise Set See, Set still needs a bit of magic to restore his full powers, including immortality, and Natti's the pure of heart one who is able to obtain the magic, with Seth's help.

Thing is, Set wants Natti for his wife, and he's ruthless in stealing both her lifeforce and compelling Seth to heal her time and again so he can drink her essence to fuel his powers.

This unlikely and unwilling trio must travel to the Underworld via a magical gate that only Seth can open to find the hidden name of Ra which bears the magic necessary to restore Set fully, and allow him to kill Seth and join with Natti.

Neither of them want to help, but the alternative is death--Seth a soulless one, due to his connection with Set and Natti to be Set's unwilling wife in the Duat.

If they can somehow stop or better yet KILL Set before they reach their destination Natti and Seth might just get the chance to return to high school Expect to be very much unsettled by the callous treatment of women by the Sons of Set, and Set himself.

The book is an interesting supernatural fantasy, with well-drawn characters. Natti is a girl on her own, with her heart tied to a boy who could crush it, or revere it.

Seth is a boy raised to be cold and finally thriving in the love of a pure-hearted girl. It's a good v. Praise Ra it was possible to save the day, at last.

Aug 20, Aldii - perfectioninbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: As always this book was great to read. Maybe it wasn't as easy or fast as the first two but I think that has something to do with my mood and the time I could spend reading.

We have three POVs: Seth, Natti and Sean. Basically that is great though I didn't really like to read Sean POV because I wanted to know what was happening with Natti and Seth but it was interesting to read what were doing the bad guys.

This story for sure doesn't give you a minute to rest. There is always something happening, they are in danger or on the run so your attention is always focus in the book for any change.

This didn't leave behind the easy flirt and humour and that was great. Other thing I'm so happy is that no matter the situation or ages I didn't get frustrated with Natti or Seth.

This is quite weird and so valuable so, thank you Kelsey for that. The end was so good, like unexpected, full of action and emotion. For me a perfect ending.

I was so happy about that. And other thing I was really happy with was the ending. When Natti says that Ra's vessel can't die so easy then I remembered that the last one had last for thousand years.

And then I though: And then when Natti says that Seth should feel the changes, that means he was almost immortal too.

So, they have literally forever. Omg, that was just soooo cool and beautiful and sweet! They are such a great young couple and they got their forever after a lot of fight and danger.

That was just amazing. I'm so happy with these two. As I said before despite of their age they were so mature and not frustrating. Many times authors make childish frustrating characters but this wasn't one.

They would do anything for the other, and they knew it, didn't fight it, just such a deep love. There was other character I really disliked.

You know who I'm talking about if you have read this and if you haven't once you read it you will know. This was a great trilogy and the ending was just great.

If you like YA adventure books with a lot of mythology this is for you. Plus, an amazing romance I wish I had. Though Son of Set is my favorite, Name of Ra was the most fun to research and write, for a few reasons.

The first being that Set, god of chaos, has risen. And getting into his mind was a complicated process. In this novel, you learn a little more about Set's depth.

After all, though portrayed as arrogant, he wasn't always considered a dark lord of chaos in Egyptian history. And there is a key story I use in the novel's background, where Ma'at strikes a deal with Set.

Second, I got to dive into Duat, the Netherlands of the afterlife, and learn how Ancient Egyptians perceived life after death. As part of that, I introduce a new character, who I enjoyed writing greatly: I loved seeing his world and piecing together his story as I write his, unfortunately, minor role he plays in Natti's and Seth's lives.

However, don't be surprised if one day, you see a book where Anubis is my main character. Finally, I had fun taking the story of Isis and the Seven Scorpions, which you hear in the first chapter of Son of Set, and bringing a bit of realism to them while still leaving a bit of the mystical.

It's sad to close the final chapter of Seth and Natti's story, but it's been such an amazing adventure.

And I have learned so much by writing it. Apr 05, Sophi Frost rated it it was amazing. This was a superb end to the Descendants of Isis Series.

The final novel will keep you on the edge of you seat. This last adventure takes Seth and Natti to the very edge of reality. You will learn what Seth's role is in mystery and how Natti fights to avoid her destiny.

And just when you thought that the villains couldn't get nastier, they do, but Karma comes around. Truly a fitting end. Jul 06, Elizabeth Your Ordinary Bookworm rated it it was amazing.

Wish it were up for preorder already. Jan 14, books are love rated it really liked it. Received in exchange for an honest review. Wow what an ending.

My only hope is every once in a while we will see a story on how Natti and Seth are doing. Their adventures and lives.

A novella or something because these are two characters who defied the odds and went against everyone and fought their way to where they are and fought for their love for one another.

Seth especially fought his way to Natti and what she offered him. She offered him hope, warmth, understanding and love.

She was what kep Received in exchange for an honest review. She was what kept him going and wanting to change. He walked away from the Sons of Set to keep Natti safe.

He fought his inner beast for her. He protected her, sometimes overprotected, so she could change her fate and end the Sons of Set. Out of the two Seth is my favorite.

He may be overprotective but he was also dealing with alot. He knew his father and what the sons were capable of and was afraid for Natti. Not only that he also knew the fate of Natti and what could happen based on what choices she makes along the way.

He struggles with himself to fight the beast and keep the Sons of Set from his mind. He is mischievous, sexy, fun, sweet and willling to sacrifice to keep Natti safe and end the Sons of Set from obtaining what they want.

Natti is strong and stubborn. She also at times you can see her age. She is frustrated and lost. All of this is new and what got to me was no matter what she saw or learned she was still trying to not believe in it.

That was what kept her from being my favorite. She sometimes acted like it was all not happening and not wanting to believe. She tried to deny her new fate because it took her away from her life.

Once she accepted it, she fought against the evil more. Sometimes, members of the Ennead helped him on his journey, including Set , who overcame the serpent Apophis , and Mehen , who defended against the monsters of the underworld.

When Ra was in the underworld, he would visit all of his various forms. Apophis , the god of chaos, was an enormous serpent who attempted to stop the sun boat's journey every night by consuming it or by stopping it in its tracks with a hypnotic stare.

During the evening, the Egyptians believed that Ra set as Atum or in the form of a ram. The night boat would carry him through the underworld and back towards the east in preparation for his rebirth.

These myths of Ra represented the sun rising as the rebirth of the sun by the sky goddess Nut; thus attributing the concept of rebirth and renewal to Ra and strengthening his role as a creator god as well.

Apophis was born from Ra's umbilical cord , indicative of how evil in Egyptian religion is the result of free will rather than a primordial force.

When Ra was in the underworld, he merged with Osiris , the god of the dead, and through it became the god of the dead as well.

Ra was worshipped as the creator god among some ancient Egyptians, specifically followers of his cult at Heliopolis. Hu , or authority, and Sia , or mind.

Ra was represented in a variety of forms. The most usual form was a man with the head of a hawk and a solar disk on top and a coiled serpent around the disk.

Ra was also pictured as a full-bodied ram, beetle, phoenix, heron, serpent, bull, cat, or lion, among others. He was most commonly featured with a ram's head in the Underworld.

In some literature, Ra is described as an aging king with golden flesh, silver bones, and hair of lapis lazuli.

He was identified with the local sun god Atum. Ra's local cult began to grow from roughly the Second Dynasty , establishing him as a sun deity.

By the Fourth Dynasty , pharaohs were seen as Ra's manifestations on earth, referred to as "Sons of Ra". His worship increased massively in the Fifth Dynasty , when Ra became a state deity and pharaohs had specially aligned pyramids , obelisks , and sun temples built in his honor.

The rulers of the Fifth Dynasty told their followers that they were sons of Ra himself and the wife of the high priest of Heliopolis.

During the Middle Kingdom , Ra was increasingly affiliated and combined with other chief deities, especially Amun and Osiris. At the time of the New Kingdom of Egypt , the worship of Ra had become more complicated and grander.

The walls of tombs were dedicated to extremely detailed texts that depicted Ra's journey through the underworld.

Ra was said to carry the prayers and blessings of the living with the souls of the dead on the sun boat. The idea that Ra aged with the sun became more popular during the rise of the New Kingdom.

Many acts of worship included hymns , prayers, and spells to help Ra and the sun boat overcome Apep. The rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire put an end to the worship of Ra by the citizens of Egypt , [9] and as Ra's popularity suddenly died out, the study of Ra became of purely academic interest even among the Egyptian priests.

As with most widely worshiped Egyptian deities, Ra's identity was often combined with other gods, forming an interconnection between deities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the Egyptian deity. For other uses, see Ra disambiguation. In one of his many forms, Ra, god of the sun, has the head of a falcon and the sun-disk inside a cobra resting on his head.

Funerals Offering formula Temples Pyramids. Dedi Djadjaemankh Rededjet Ubaoner. For the Egyptian month named in his honor, see Mesori. Archived from the original on A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

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